Bible Reading Plans

We’re excited to help you get ANCHORED in the Word of God. Through our partnership with YouVersion, we have created reading plans to help you go deeper in your relationship with God! We encourage you to do these plans in Community to hold each other accountable to finish strong. Explore all reading plans below!

Do you struggle with believing God has a plan for your life? Have circumstances made you believe a lie that you cannot make a difference? God wants you to know that you were created for a purpose and you are MARKED, even if it doesn’t feel like it. In this Plan, we will uncover how God has uniquely marked you and wants to use your life to express His worth!

Are you ready to dive into the deep? This week-long devotional plan is full of practical and spiritual keys that are sure to help you take your relationship with God to a deeper level. You will be encouraged to develop maturity, commit to godly standards and resist temptation — leading a lifestyle that is anchored in Christ and full of purpose, wisdom and growth.

Search for #RelationshipGoals on social media, and you’ll find seemingly perfect images of couples in love. But what if the vision of relationship that our society is selling is a mirage? Pastor Michael Todd has written Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex about having relationship goals that come from God and align with who He has made us to be.

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