Formation Internship

Our mission is to reveal purpose, unlock potential and equip leaders to RePresent God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ.

Interns will be submerged in the innovative and creative culture of Transformation Church. This is a hands-on internship where your skills will be utilized and maximized to develop you as a leader at Transformation Church.


Here at Transformation Church, we are a multi-generational church.

Therefore, we don’t put an age restriction over God’s call on your life.



January 25th, 2021 – July 29th, 2021



The cost of tuition is $1,000.

A $300 non refundable deposit is required to secure intern’s spot upon acceptance. Deposit will be applied toward full tuition cost.

Next Internship Begins January 25th, 2021



Your gifts and skills will be developed and enhanced through hands-on training in our specialized ministry areas and departments.


Your character and relationship with God will be developed and refined through our leadership development, community, teachings, and chapels.


Your knowledge and leadership will be developed and challenged through coaching, leadership development, and staff meetings.


Your wellness and personal development will be prioritized through one on one accountability, workouts, and fitness challenges.


Ministry areas are designed for you to grow and maximize your current gifting and skill sets through hands-on experience within these specialized areas of ministry at Transformation Church.


Visual Arts- Graphic Design

● Design graphic materials for all social media platforms
● Create engaging visuals for TC ministries and Sunday experience
● Prioritize & manage project deadlines
● Design for other various mediums

Visual Arts-Videography

● Design/Shoot Video materials for all social media platforms
● Create/Shoot/Edit engaging videos for TC Ministries
● Prioritize & manage project deadlines
● Shoot video for other various mediums


● Work with production volunteers and contract employees
● Assist with back-stage production
● Research materials for creative elements
● Assist the on producer for each Worship Experience both online and in building

Music Production/Worship

● Work with worship volunteers and contract employees
● Assist with stage production
● Research materials for creative elements
● Assist the Worship Director and team with various worship services, nights, and recordings

Online Campus

● Assist online staff each weekend during live broadcast
● Analyze numbers and viewer count each week
● Work alongside online volunteers and hosts each weekend
● Assess and improve current processes



● Plan and coordinate local community outreach events
● Work alongside Outreach Partners & volunteers
● Assist with identifying opportunities to serve
● Logistical planning and coordinating with local ministries and churches

Growth Track

● Report to Next Steps director in assisting with Growth Track
● Maintain relationships with Growth Track volunteer leaders & teams
● Coordinate logistics and locate resources
● Assist with implementing & improving processes

Next Steps

● Assist with all Guest Experience responsibilities on campus
● Maintain relationships with volunteer leaders & teams
● Coordinate logistics for campus supplies & resources
● Assist with implementing & improving processes


● Maintain database of bGroup Leaders
● Coordinate bGroup events
● Planning and scheduling bGroup communication
● On campus recruiting for bGroups each weekend

TC Kidz

● Serve in TC Kidz each weekend
● Research and implement learning activities for kids ministry
● Coordinate purchasing of supplies
● Assist with volunteer communication

TC Youth

● Plan & coordinate student events and engagement
● Identify & recruit students to participate in bGroups
● Assist in planning the future of TC Youth
● Maintain database of leaders & students


● Assist Intern Directors with event planning, intern assignments, and support interns
● Maintain relationships with all interns for relational and innovation within Formation
● Support Formation Directors
● Assist with implementing & improving processes



● Manage accounting projects
● Work order management and logistics
● Listing financial data and filing
● Support finance team in all areas


● Manage job listings
● Assist with recruiting potential candidates
● Assist with interview process
● Assist with onboarding and new hire orientation


● Manage facilities projects
● Work order management and logistics
● Perform maintenance
● Assist with central needs


Hear from past interns about how being a part of Formation transformed their life and leadership.

“The Formation Internship has changed my life by teaching me what it means to say yes to God. I have fully come into agreement with what God has and wants for me. The best takeaway from Formation 2020 is how much God can do with our complete yes.”


“The formation internship has allowed me to be a part of one of the greatest moves of God that I have ever seen, but it has also helped me find out who I truly am in Christ. It has given me leadership opportunities I never imagined being in, and has allowed me to say yes to my purpose and my calling.”


“The internship hasn’t made an impact, it’s changed my life. Coming from the UK and being here I’ve been graced with the opportunity to develop as a creative and also personally. I’ve become self aware and it even feels like I’m re-learning things in my life that I didn’t realize were an issue until now.”


“Formation has given me an environment to grow in ways I didn’t expect.
It has been the best experience of continuing to walk in who God is calling me to be, while being surrounded by an incredible group of people”



Application Process

Applications Are Currently Closed.

There is a non-refundable application deposit of $50

Each applicant will go through a screening process which may lead to a series of phone and video interviews to be considered for acceptance.

Applicants considered for an interview will receive a notification with the date and time for their interview.

All applicants that are selected to be a part of Formation 2021 will receive a phone call and be notified of their acceptance.

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to secure intern’s spot upon acceptance. The deposit will be applied toward full tuition cost.


What are the Qualifications + Requirements?
(include but are not limited to the following)

Submit an internship application and consent to a background check.Fully willing to support the vision and values of Transformation Church.Agree to the intern honor code.

Are previous skills required?

Due to the hands-on nature of this internship, competency in your chosen labs is taken into consideration before final selections are decided. 

What are the age limits?

Here at Transformation Church, we are a multi-generational church. Therefore,  we don’t put an age restriction over God’s call on your life.

Do I need transportation?

Your internship responsibilities may require transportation. While it is not a requirement to have a vehicle, it is required to have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.

Are Part-Time internships available?

No, not at this time. 

Will I receive a paycheck or benefits?

No. Interns are not employees or independent contractors. No wages, insurance, or other compensatory benefits will be provided. 

Can I seek outside employment during the internship?

Due to the high impact, hands-on nature of this internship, it is not recommended to maintain employment during your time in Formation. It is the expectation of the internship that you are able to meet all of the ministry expectations and time requirements.

What is the weekly schedule for the internship?

Formation is a full-time internship occurring Sunday-Thursday from 9am-5pm. However, due to the nature of ministry, days and hours may vary and interns are required to be available and present for all Transformation Church events. 

Is there housing available?

No, there is no intern housing. It is up to each individual to secure their housing prior to arrival at the internship. Host homes may be provided on a situational basis.

Should I raise money?

We encourage interns to be prepared to cover any expenses they may incur while participating in the internship. Consider your bills and include food and lodging and any other personal expenses you might have. 

Are there any educational requirements?

No, but come with a willingness to learn.

Can I receive school credit?

At this time we do not offer school credit. 

Will I have to pay for the internship in full upfront?

You are welcome to pay the full tuition once you have received your acceptance letter but it is not required to be paid in full until January 7th, 2021. However, a deposit of $250 is due November 9th, 2020. 

What does tuition cover?

Tuition will assist in covering class materials, books, events, etc. Tuition does not cover room and board.

Am I required to participate in church events?

All church wide events are mandatory. This includes before, during, and after an event.

Will I get time off?

Interns will follow TC Staff time off. If an intern needs to take time off, he/she will need to request time off in advance for approval as outlined in the Formation Handbook along with specific blackout dates.

Will we participate in physical activities?

Yes! No matter what your fitness level, we know that physical health is vital to total wellness and a major component in the ability to do ministry efficiently and effectively. Interns will be expected to maintain a fitness routine based on their level and also participate in fun group fitness challenges!

Should I expect to get a job at Transformation Church at the end of the program?

One of the goals of this internship is to create leaders that could potentially be hired as Transformation Church staff. However, this should not be your expectation upon entering the internship. Formation is not about a job. It is about being willing to serve, learn, and grow as a leader.

What is Residency?

After completion of the internship, you may be offered a place in our residency program. Residents will receive a stipend pay along with a specific role within a department in order to determine if you will continue on as a Transformation Church staff member. How long is the Residency program? Residency begins immediately following the completion of the internship and will end in December following Christmas services.

If you did not find the answer to your question please email us at

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