(Corona Virus Aid, Relief and Economic Security)


1. Through the CARES Act, individuals who are approved for unemployment will receive $600 a week on top of whatever base amount he/she receives from the state. This boosted payment will last for four months.

2. Freelance workers and contract workers can apply for Temporary Pandemic Unemployment Assistance programs through the end of 2020 to help people with loss work as a direct result of the public health emergency.

Mortgage Deferrals

Most banks and mortgage companies are giving home loan deferrals. Individuals must apply, but most are deferring payments through June 2020 (for more information contact your specific mortgage company, bank or credit union)

Small Business Relief

Through the CARES Act, companies with 500 employees or fewer that maintain their payroll during CoronaVirus can receive up to 8 weeks of cash-flow assistance. If employers maintain payroll, the portion of the loans used to cover payroll costs, interest on mortgage obligations, rent, and utilities would be forgiven.


Through the CARES Act this is the $1,200.00 everyone should receive via direct deposit if they have filed their 2018 or 2019 tax return. This does include limits:
1. Children who are 17 or 18 years old.
2. Many college students between the ages of 19 & 23
3. Adults who can be claimed as dependents
4. Non Resident aliens
5. Estates
6. Individuals who earn more than $99,000 or married couples earning more than $198,000
7. People who haven’t filed 2018 or 2019 tax return

If you were not required to file your taxes or need to update your direct deposit or mailing address please visit for more information.

PSO & ONG Services

1. PSO has temporarily suspended all service disconnections for non-payment. (visit for more information)
2. ONG has temporarily suspended all service disconnections through May, 1 2020 with no late fees or charges. (visit for more information)
For more information on utilities please contact specific provider in your area

Student Loan Forbearance

Individuals must check into this with who their student loans are facilitated through, but loan forgiveness is available for at least 60 days.

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