At TC we use our hands to show our hearts. As the church, we are uniquely equipped to share the love of Christ with the resources he has made available to us. Let us know how we can CARE for you below!


There are special moments in all our lives that are an occasion to rejoice and celebrate. Some of these special moments are the birth of a child, moving to a new home, college acceptance and graduation, getting that dream job, or getting engaged or married. Let us celebrate with you!


When illness or injury strikes, we are all affected emotionally and spiritually. Our TC Care and Pastoral Care Teams are available to visit for prayer and encouragement if you, or someone you know, is hospitalized.


We believe that your homecoming is just as important as your home going. Our Pastoral Care and TC Care teams do help with funeral preparation and funeral services to partners and their immediate family.


Financial assistance is available to any TC Partner. Our hope is to demonstrate the love of God to our church and community by helping with resources that God has made available to us. Although resources may not always be financial no requests will go without prayerful consideration.

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