Continue to check back for Belong Group openings. In the meantime, if you are unable to find one that fits your availability for this semester, grab some friends, watch the service, and use our TalkNotes to facilitate conversation.

Belong Groups

Re-Opening: August 27th

Talk Notes

Facilitate a B-Group?

Deadline: September 23rd


What is a Belong Group?
Belong Groups are the small group ministry of Transformation Church. Participation in a Belong Group is voluntary. The purpose of one joining a Belong Group is to experience spiritual growth, build community, engage with others in a safe environment where people can be themselves, and have fun meeting on a regular basis.
When will the Fall Semester of Belong Groups start and end?

B-groups will launch on September 10th and end on December 2nd.

What types of Belong Group will be offered?

Belong Group categories include: Everyone Welcome, Women, Men, Marriage, and Youth. Within these groups, we will have high quality sermon-based TalkNotes that align with the Sunday sermon and Belong Group approved content.

How long do Belong Groups last?

Belong Groups are offered on a semester system that is 3 months long. Here is the semester system for 2023:

Spring Semester: Late January – April

Summer Semester: Late May – Late July 

Fall Semester: Mid September – Early December

May & August are promotional months to launch new groups and give facilitators and group members a break to rest and recharge.

I would like to join a BGroup. How do I do this?

You can sign-up for a BGroup through our website. Look for the “Join a Group” link.

I would like to facilitate a Belong Group. How do I do this?

If you are interested in facilitating a Belong Group please complete the application or email the Bgroup department at

How will I receive support as a Belong Group Facilitator?

Each Belong Group Facilitator will be assigned to a Captain (who is responsible for 5+ Facilitators). The Captain will be the one checking in with you: consistently praying for you, regularly communicating important information with you, and providing encouragement and support during the Belong Group Semester.

Are groups available online or in-person? What are my options?

We offer groups for all people. If you live in an area that allows you to participate in an in-person group and that is what you’d like to do, then our in-person groups are perfect for you! If you’re interested in meeting with people from all over the world, or you do not live in a region close enough to an in-person group, then our virtual online groups are the way to go. Both options are incredible ways to build relationships with other partners of Transformation Church.

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