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What is a Belong Group?
Belong Groups are the small group ministry of Transformation Church. Participation in a Belong Group is voluntary. The purpose of one joining a Belong Group is to experience spiritual growth, build community, engage with others in a safe environment where people can be themselves, and have fun meeting on a regular basis.
When will the 3rd Semester of Belong Groups start?
BGroups will launch on October 3rd.
What types of Belong Group will be offered?
Belong Group categories include: Everyone Welcome, Women, Men, and Marriage. Within these groups, sermon-based Talk notes and Belong Group approved content are used as resources.
How long do Belong Groups last?
Belong Groups are offered on a semester system which is 3 months long. Here is the semester system for 2021:

1st Semester: February, March, April
2nd Semester: June, July, August
3rd Semester: October, November, December

May, September and January are promotional months to launch new groups and give facilitators and group members a break to rest and recharge.

I would like to join a BGroup. How do I do this?
You can sign-up for a BGroup through our website. Look for the “Join a Group” link or text “Bgroups” to 828282
I would like to facilitate a Belong Group. How do I do this?
If you are interested in facilitating a Belong Group please email the Bgroup department at
How will I receive support as a Belong Group Facilitator?
Each Belong Group Facilitator will be assigned to a Captain (who is responsible for 5 Facilitators). The Captain will be the one checking in with you: consistently praying for you, regularly communicating important information with you, and providing encouragement and support during the Belong Group Semester.
What are my options for the category of group I want to facilitate?
We are so grateful for your desire to bring transformation in Christ through Belong Groups! We will have high quality sermon-based TalkNotes that align with the Sunday sermon available each Sunday evening by 5 p.m. CST. Additional Belong Group approved content will be added each semester.
Are groups available online or in-person? What are my options?
We offer groups for all people. If you live in an area that allows you to participate in an in-person group and that is what you’d like to do, then our in-person groups are perfect for you! If you’re interested in meeting with people from all over the world, or you do not live in a region close enough to an in-person group, then our virtual online groups are the way to go. Both options are incredible ways to build relationships with other partners of Transformation Church.
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