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When will Belong Groups start back up?
Belong Groups will re-launch on February 14th.
How long do Belong Groups last?
Belong Groups are offered on a semester system which is 3 months long. Here is the semester system for 2021:

1st Semester: February, March, April
2nd Semester: June, July, August
3rd Semester: October, November, December

May, September and January are promotional months to launch new groups and give facilitators and group members a break to rest and recharge.

I would like to join a Belong Group. How do I do this?
Beginning January 17th, you can sign-up for a Belong Group. A link to a simple form “I want to join a Belong Group” will be made available to TC Nation via the TC pre-service announcements, TC app, and TC webpage.
I would like to facilitate a Belong Group. How do I do this?
The call for Belong Group Facilitators will begin December 13th. The direction for how to sign-up to facilitate a group will be available on the TC App, TC Website, and during pre-service announcements.
What is required to be a Facilitator for a Belong Group?
We are committed to making the process to facilitate a small group simple and clear for volunteer leaders. If you love Jesus and have a heart for small group ministry, we encourage you to take the next step and fill out the “I want to facilitate a Belong Group” form. A Belong Group Captain will be reaching out to you with next steps (the Volunteer Application, Leader Expectations and Acknowledgement/Agreement of TC Culture Code and Core Beliefs) and confirmation.
What training is required to lead a group?
Training videos to equip and empower you to facilitate will be provided via text message with a link. These videos are designed to give facilitators practical information and tips to facilitate well. There are 5 training videos; each under 5 minutes long.
How will I receive support as a Belong Group Facilitator?
Each Belong Group Facilitator will be assigned to a Captain (who is responsible for 5 Facilitators). The Captain will be the one checking in with you: consistently praying for you, regularly communicating important information with you, and providing encouragement and support during the Belong Group Semester.
What are my options for the category of group I want to facilitate?
We are so grateful for your desire to bring transformation in Christ through Belong Groups! We will have high quality message notes that align with the Sunday sermon available each Sunday evening by 7 p.m. We also will have high quality content (videos, notes, outlines) that will be available to every TC Facilitator and partner for a wide variety of group types i.e. men’s groups, women’s groups, singles groups, leadership groups, Bible study/discipleship groups, financial groups, and many more. For questions about content, a Belong Group Captain will serve as a resource in helping you find quality content to support the area of interest in which you feel called to facilitate.
Are groups available online or in-person? What are my options?
We offer groups for all people. If you live in an area that allows you to participate in an in-person group and that is what you’d like to do, then our in-person groups are perfect for you! If you’re interested in meeting with people from all over the world, or you do not live in a region close enough to an in-person group, then our virtual online groups are the way to go. Both options are incredible ways to build relationships with other partners of Transformation Church.